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Getting your heart ready for the Christ Child

Recently, I was asked how does your family prepare for advent.  The question was posed in a group where the women were feeling overwhelmed by the christmas shopping, decorating and planning family events.  We all want to hold on to baby Jesus and not let go. But how can we do that in a culture where giving to needy takes on a whole different level.  Now we feel terrible if a child were to receive only ONE present during christmas no matter if all that child's needs and more are met all year long.

Currently, I had been pondering about various ways to counter this problem since I live in a mixed culture home.  I hail from entirely the opposite part of the world from my husband.  My memories of Christmas are so beautiful with the focus on the christ child.  We were truly excited for the Birthday of Jesus.  We made the crib ready for him to be born in our house.  The nativity scenes there were called cribs and we had lots of fun trying to find the right kind of tree limbs that looked m…