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Packing for Birthing

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with our fifth child and ready to pack the bags.  Here are some of the things that I pack.  I like to pack two separate bags.  One for birthing and one for post baby.  Normally my husband can fetch the post baby bag later from the car.  Here's what I've normally packed in my very catholic birthing bag. Birth plan I'm one of those people who shy away from taking medicine even for headaches.  I prefer nature more than interventions when it comes to the process of birthing.  I trust that God made my body to birth and he'll help me through it.  I try to stay away from epidurals except for emergencies.  I find the pain of labor somewhat redemptive and endure it for love of God. I've always prayed hard for normal deliveries with healthy babies.  I'm terrified of C-sections. I did have one emergency C-section but it helped me to learn to trust God for what's best. Also God taught me an important lesson on unanswered prayers.  Not all praye