Concerns with 'Judy Blume: otherwise known as Sheila the great'

Judy Blume is not an author we should teach the children to trust

Recently, my daughter brought home a Judy Blume book from school that her class was reading.  I was cautious about it because I had just had my son bring home another Judy Blume book that I reviewed only days before and found as not a good choice of a book for children.  My main concern with her books is that Blume's approach to human love and sexuality is very immoral and contrary to christian belief.  Below I detail some of the concerns with this particular book after reading it.

Poor potrayal of siblings

Siblings are never kind and loving to one another.

Poor formation for Puberty & Love

Her sister Libby is portrayed as a boy crazy girl who is very self-centered.  In pages 38, 39, 48,49, Libby is wearing her bikini to attract attention, wants to get swim lessons because the teacher looks good, has a crush on the lifeguard, who her mother says is much too old for her.

Libby also has a poor self-image. pg 88. “I am so ugly it’s unbelievable!” “And just wait until you’re thirteen.  You’ll be as ugly as me if not uglier! Oh…I could just cry!"

pg 118, During their stay in vacation Tarrytown, her sister is “in love for a change.” “She sat right up close to Hank and we’re not sure but we think they kissed a couple of times.”

pg 79, A dog starts to come visit the girl dog only at night and makes lots of noises. Her sister tells her it’s a boy dog because, “I saw him make,” Libby said. The girl dog is pregnant in the next couple pages.

Lack of respect & Lack of Thought

 Shut up!, Stupid, calling someone ugly, and a pain. (ex: pg 7, 90 91)

chp 13.  The idea like making a slam book is very cruel (ex: pg 106) - It could easily introduce mock slam books and lead to bullying.

Lying is shown as normal part of growing up

Main character deals with insecurities by lying throughout the book about herself.

Lying to the parent to cover up with no corrections or consequences.

  • When Sheila breaks the model planes and is trying to fix them she lies to mom.

  • When she sat on toothpaste prank meant for her sister she again lies to mom.


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