A missal by Jesus and Mary to guide you during Holy Mass

We recently got an email from my mom-in-law sharing the testimony of Catalina Rivas of Bolivia about how Jesus and Mary guided her through the mass.  It was so beautiful and enlightening.   I highly recommend that everyone read this testimony.  I promise it'll help improve your participation of mass.  My husband read the story first and came to me, urging me to put the information into a missal form that he could take to mass.  There was no way he could remember all the things Jesus and Mary taught otherwise.  I thought about how true that was because it wasn't the first time I had read this testimony and there was much more I still needed to change.

My sister is a huge advocate of the movie 'The Greatest Miracle' which is an animation movie based on these revelations to Catalina.  The movie is a great way to introduce the message to children.  My children especially love the parts where the devil tries to distract the people and how praying well makes them disappear.  I love everything that motivates their better participation at mass.

So with the help of my husband's gentle nudges during the crazy time of life when you bring a newborn home, I was able to make the missal into a booklet form.




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